Scheme of Examinations and Continuous Evaluation.

  • The school follows regular and continuous evaluation based on the student’s performance throughout the year.
  • Appearance in all evaluations is compulsory.
  • Retest will not be administered.
  • 90% attendance is compulsory for students to be eligible to take the final examinations.

Examination Pattern

Weekly Test

On every Monday/Friday.

Classes I to IX

25 Marks

Term End Examinations (80 Marks) will be conducted twice in a year. Evaluation and Weightage

Classes I to VIII

Weekly Test (20%) + First Term Examination (20%) + Annual Examination (60%) = 100%


Character Building

Character building and moral instructions are an important part of the daily discipline of the school. While the school does not ignore the academic and physical education side of the pupil, the school believes in “Manners make the man!” The school therefore, makes an earnest endeavour to see that the children grow in the wisdom of the heart and it is in the formative years of life that great care must be taken to fill the mind of the child with ennobling thoughts.

The assembly time which aims at the building up of character of the children is therefore very important.


Weightage will be given to the following aspects too:

Marks scored by the pupil in the above will be added to the marks scored by the pupil in other academic subjects of the Terminal Examinations and the overall percentage will be determined accordingly.

  • Daily discipline and conduct of the pupil in the school
  • Regularity and punctuality
  • Uniform and neatness
  • Notebooks and textbooks
  • Submission of notebooks on time
  • Getting textbooks to school
  • Getting the almanac signed by the parents.

Use of unfair means:

The following practice shall be considered as using unfair means

  • During examination having in possession papers, chits, books, notes or any other material or information relevant to the paper concerned.
  • Giving or receiving assistance directly or indirectly of any kind or attempting to do so.

Students are liable to face the following disciplinary action for using unfair means

  • She / he will be given zero in the concerned subject.
  • Such students will not be eligible for any academic award or school appointments.
  • Repetition of such practices will result in dismissal from school.


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