Pre Primary school

Pre Primary school

The curriculum has been designed for an all -round development of the child, taking into account their cognitive, physical, social, emotional and sensorial abilities.. Children learn in an eco - friendly environment in consonance with an innovative methodology specially evolved by us. The entire curriculum encompasses highly systematic and step-by-step procedures ensuring learning by doing. We have a team of well experienced fully equipped, trained and highly dedicated staff members with utmost care in the holistic development of children.

The curriculum, syllabus and training methodology are at par with the international standard. Learning aids and activity tools have been designed by specialists. Fully computer - based audio & video visual teaching aids. Imparting of computer skills from the very inception stage.Individual attention to excel in all spheres of career.Periodical inspection and common evaluation system to maintain the standard in our network.Developing the effective skills of communications, interpersonal relations, leadership qualities and patriotic spirit, culminating in the holistic development of personality.

TECHNOLOGY SANJIVANI is using in the classroom technology to personalize and accelerate learning and to connect with all types of learning styles. SANJIVANI classrooms are equipped with SMART Boards (interactive white boards) that allow teachers to quickly project visual images from the computer to assist with instruction. In the classroom, enhancing children’s ability to hear new words and sounds, and creating a calm and nurturing classroom. Students also have access one-to-one devices (Tabs). Technology allows teachers to create interactive lessons, draw from wealth of pre-screened and pre-approved learning tools, and keep students engaged and interested in learning.


The gist of our vision is to ‘build each child’s future by meeting the quality educational needs of today with the traditional wisdom of yesterday and the technology of tomorrow. This realization comes by :

  • Providing positive challenges in nurturing environment with visionary Mentors.
  • Creating a life – long learning community of children, parents, thinkers, social entrepreneurs, who will enjoy the present, respond to the future, and preserve the past.

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