Sanjivani International School publishes a yearly school magazine titled "SANJIVANI". The theme is based on session theme of the school for the particular year, and justifies going along with the Mission and Vision of the School.

It is conducted by the teachers and the students. The articles for the magazine are written by both the teachers and the students which reflect many areas of school life. The students, due to studies, rarely engage themselves in reading. Their knowledge cannot increase if they do not read out-books. If we are to write an article for the magazine, we must necessarily read many new books. Thus it widens our knowledge. Our magazine gives them an opportunity to explore, investigate other books, which may fuel their reading habit. Through such encouragement, students will be motivated to pen down their thoughts and ideas. This channelizes their literary creative activities. Thus the school magazine helps us in developing our power of writing. It increases our power of thinking also. Student editors get training about how to perform responsible duties. Thus it is a matter of pride for all the Sanjivanites to have a magazine of their own.

To help open the lines of communication and to keep parents involved in everything their child is doing in school, we also publish a monthly School Newsletter named ??EWZINE?? It is based on monthly theme for the session and is a product of teachers and students collaborative effort.A student?? mind is filled with joy and pride when he sees that his article has appeared in print and it encourages him to write more articles for the publication. If a fellow-student writes an article for publication, others may be inspired to follow his example.If the students practice writing for the school publications, their style of writing will be much improved. In this way, many of them may be good writers in future. It helps keep parents informed about school events, classroom procedures, educational strategies, extensive activities, behavior, academic progress, and other monthly happenings of the school.

E-almanac 2021-22

E-almanac 2021-22

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